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Weeds is a American (Agrestic suburb, California) Dark Comedy based in the day by day of a two sons mother who wants to mantain her middle-class lifestyle of her family becoming a marijuana (aka pot xD) dealer. The name of this super cool mary jane provider mother is Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker). The reason of this desesperadly (but leet) profession is the unexpected death of her husband (Judah), caused by a hart failure (no, nothing to do with drugs dude) while jogging with his son. Siles (Hunter Parrish) and Shade (Alexander Gould) are Nancy's sons. Siles is the older son, ovbiusly the one dating the hot Tara Lindman interpreted by Mary-Kate Olsen (nooo, her sister isn't in the serie, wierd isn't it LMAO!) who eventually becomes a dealer too, one of the bests. Shane, the younger son, witness of his father's dead, the troubled child of the serie. Nancy's Weed provider is Heyla James (Tonie Patano), a strong woman, if you see her eyebrows moving in a deadly way, say sorry and take your ass out of the place asap xD, she's a tender mother and grandmother too. Weeds is serie worth of downloading, great one imo.