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Ugly Betty

Ugly Betty, is a Emmy, Peabody and Golden Globe award-winning comedy drama series TV show. The is an adaptation of the Colombian TV Show "Betty la Fea" .The story is about Betty Suarez, a young latina women who end up been the assistant of the new editor-in-chief Daniel Meade of the Mode Magazine. Betty is brave and good-hearted woman, but her lack of social skill, self-confidence and fashion sense is amazing xD lol. She always dressed like hell, with big thick-framed eyeglasses and huge and shiny dental bracers, as you can see, all the "fashion" magazine makes fun her looks all the time, is so funny. She lives with her father, Ignacio, who is a illegal immigrant, her sister Hilda who is smoking hot (I actually saw her in a Seinfeld episode) and her nephew Justin. Don't loose the opportunity of enjoy this TV show, and lets see if Betty ends up been beautiful.