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THE BIG BANG THEORY, is a comedy TV Show created and produced by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady. The show is about the contrast of 4 geek guys and 1 "normal" girl (who is hot like hell), Leonard, Sheldon Raj and Howard are the geeks, all are freaking geniuses, they live devoted to theirs jobs and geek stuff like video games, tv shows, comics, tech conventions, and the one who bring balance to the equation is Penny, who is a beautiful girl that works in a bar as a waitress, the combination of these people creates tons of hilarious moments that make you love the TV show. The Big Bang Theory is one of my favorite TV shows ever, I totally recommend it, you can find the video in the Video section. And BTW the opening song is interpreted by Barenaked Ladies which is an awesome group, you have to listen their music.