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Scrubs is multiple award winner (Emmy and Peabody) comedy/drama tv serie. An AWESOME one imo. It's a multistory serie narrated by protagonist Dr. John "J.D." Michael Dorian (Zach Braff). The serie is about the personal and professional life of the people who works in the Sacred Heart Hospital. J.D. is the main character who is a physician and intern, at his side are always his best friend Dr. Christofer Turk (Donald Faison) who is a surgical attending physicians who is in a relationship with the hospital's head nurse Carla Espinoza (Judy Reyes), at the other side is Dr. Elliot Reid (Sarah Chalke), DAMN! she's hot, who is a intern as well, things get a little too romantic between J.D. and Elliot some times (OH! you will have chance to see some Elliot's skin :D). The Senior attending physician and Sacred Heart's Resident director is Dr. Percival "Perry" Cox (Jhon C. McGinley), J.D. considers Dr. Cox as his mentor despite the fact the Dr. Cox break J.D.'s balls every time she can, giving him girl names and such, sooooo freaking funny imo xD, but Dr. Cox is actually proud of J.D., is his way of course. The Sacred Heart's Chief is the Dr. Bob Kelso (Ken Jenkins), who is a cold hearted bastard, an old dude who only wants to criticizes everybody actions and feelings xD. The only main character who is not a doctor or nurse is the janitor (Neil Flynn), who is like the J.D.'s adversary playing him bad jokes and stuff, usually J.D. gets even xD. After them is a serie of secondary characters who contribute with crazy histories. I TOTALLY recommends you to watch this show. C ya.