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Eli Stone

Eli Stone is an american drama tv show based in the life on Eli Stone (Jonny Lee Miller). Eli Stone is a lawyer building a successful career at a top San Francisco law firm, which clients are the biggest corporations which usually "crash the little ones". Eli has some weird shit hallucinations, after consulting with his neurologist brother (Matt Letsher), who said that nothing wrong inside Eli's head, he consults a Chinese holistic doctor (James Saito) who also helps Eli to remember some stuff from his past. As the show goes, Eli's hallucinations stars to affect his job as a lawyer and his relationships with people, then Eli's brother start to figurate out that his illness have some related episodes with their father, so Nathan discovers that Eli have a inoperable brain aneurysm. So, don't loose the opportunity to watch this leet show, and if you are a George Michael fan, this is your show, the creator is a fan too so every episode has been named as a George Michael song xD. Just watch the Promo and you will see.